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Hello, I am Roy working as a freelance healthcare writer providing content that will help people live a healthy life. I love to write a post on health and fitness, diet plan, replationships, sexual health topics etc. on various online platform such as blogging, Forums, articles, guest post etc.

You can visit my blogs InfoHealthTech on tumblr and MyWellnessDaily on Blogger on topics such as diet, fitness, weight loss, eye care, men sexual health related medicines such as why Order Caverta 100mg pill for erectile dysfunction?

Sometimes I write lifestyle blogs and articles such as eye care, immunio booster, allergy, quit smoking, antibiotics, skin care etc for the Allmedscare web portal.

Other than health blogging, my hobby is to watch web series, and traveling to some historic places, that helps me to focus and inspires me to upgrade my daily writing skill.

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